I am the Warrior

I am fiercely loyal to my king

I command my army of men from a place of love and honour

Strategically planning my next move

Listening for signs like the stillness of the sky

I lead from a place of inner trust

I communicate with precision and clarity

My intelligence is driven by the deep intuition of my heart

I move with presence knowing when to march forward and when to retreat

Yes, at times I also feel scared and may act with aggression

At times I also feel hesitant to act

At times I want to hide

At times my courage and leadership skills are questioned by my shadow self

But the shadow does not control my actions

I have accepted my past and have embraced both the light and darkness of my shadow

I am fully focused on my task, my mission

I have no choice for I love my king and am forever loyal to him

Unconditionally, I love my army, my soldiers

No longer am I driven by purely selfish desires

My life’s mission is bigger than my personal self

I consecrate my life to love, following the call that comes from within

May the merits of my actions bring peace to all men

I am in service to you

For I am the Warrior

Author : Craig White


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