Are you surviving the stepfamily?

Learn how to build a healthy, thriving and connected family with our online 6-month course for stepdads

Struggling to do the stepfamily thing?
Wondering if it’ll ever get better?
Thinking about pulling the pin?

But you’re still here, right?

So you want to make it work.
You just don’t know how.

That's why we've developed Australia's first online course for stepdads


Run by a stepdad for stepdads

Fortnightly Zoom calls

Six self-paced modules

Practical and emotional support


We’ve been there. We’ve trudged through the mud and wondered if we’d make it to the other end. We did but it wasn’t easy, and we learned a lot of hard lessons along the way.

We also know that stepfamilies have everything against them. Sixty to 70% of blended families don’t survive the first 12 months. I’m sure you understand why.

We decided to share our experiences by creating Australia’s first 6-month online course for stepdads.

It’s no ordinary course. It requires commitment and dedication.

It’s not about ticking all the right boxes either.

It’s about being brutally honest and naming things for what they are.

It’s about talking about all the stuff no one wants to talk about.

It’s about the stuff that really matters.

60-70% of blended families don't survive the first 12 months

Practical and emotional support

Being a stepdad can be a lonely journey. You want to give it your best shot but sometimes that doesn't seem enough. We're here to walk the journey with you.

Tools to manage the confusion and stress

You've tried everything. Nothing’s worked. Giving up seems to be the only option. We’ll teach you practical tools to manage the confusion and stress. There’s hope.

Thrive instead of

The stepfamily thing is a challenge you're not sure you can manage. We’ll show you how to thrive instead of survive. It really is possible. We've been there, done that.

Build a healthy, thriving and connected family

Everybody else seems to have a happy, healthy family. You've given up on the ideal. We’ll help you build the family you've been hoping for.

Take charge of your role in the blended family

It's easy to blame others for what's happening. It’s the time to take a hard look at yourself and take responsibility. The buck ultimately stops with you.

Become a positive role model

Let's bring things into the open and discuss them. Call things for what they are. Let's create a new normal where you become a positive role model.

There are an estimated 1-in-5 Australians who are part of a stepfamily

The course ingredients




Relationship with yourself


Relationship with your partner


Relationship with your kids


Relationships within the blended family


What am I committing to?

Who should take this course?

Our 6-month online course is perfect for you if you’re:

Meet Brad McDonnell

A stepdad myself, I know from personal experience how tough it is to be part of a stepfamily. I thought about walking out many times. I figured stepfamilies simply don’t work.

But I stayed.

Together with my partner, Melissa Melrose, I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. It was a tough journey but I’m so glad I didn’t pull the pin.

Things are much better now. We’re a lot happier and there’s a lot less fighting. We want to help other stepfamilies build a healthy, thriving and connected family.

Because we know it’s possible.

It’s not going to be a walk in the park. Quite the opposite. You’ll be challenged to take a look at yourself instead of shaming and blaming. But guess what? No pain, no gain.

Course Fee

Step up. Step in. Align.

Upfront payment
$ 1,997
  • 6 modules
  • 12 Zoom calls
  • Private Facebook group
limited time

Step up. Step in. Align.

Payment plan – 6 payments
$ 333
  • 6 modules
  • 12 Zoom calls
  • Private Facebook group

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