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Stepping Into Dads is a place where I will be sharing my journey into my role as a step parent, and all the things that have helped and supported me in becoming a step parent to two amazing boys. My Partner and I will be sharing our integrated, holistic approach to parenting and combine what we have learnt and experienced in our own personal lives and as a couple.
We deeply understand how hectic and busy being a parent can be. We also believe that by approaching parenting holistically, it enables us to be become more evolved humans and present parents. This in turn helps us guide and empower our kids to become the best versions of themselves, giving them a solid foundation and tools to deal with the challenges of life.
We are about empowering step dads, blended families and dads as a whole, A place to support you through all the shifts and challenges of a man in this modern world.
.. so come join us and let’s have some fun.

How Stepping into Dads came about


“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”
Carl Jung, philosopher and mystic
Stepping into my own hero’s journey 3-years ago, has been one of my biggest challenges but also one of my greatest gifts. When I started on this journey, I left my then partner and corporate job, renounced everything in my life and packed a duffle bag and went travelling.

My inward journey

The plan I had for my life was “peace and light.” Reflecting on this now I was a tad in my spiritual ego, as the universe had a completely different plan. Oh boy, little did I know that plan would change in a heartbeat!
My online business at the time, provided me the freedom to travel to the USA and spend time with some of the world’s most cutting-edge scientists and spiritual leaders. Up to this point, I had been single for almost 2-years, living on the road full-time with no responsibilities besides myself and beard. With this freedom, I found an incredible truth and peace within inside myself. I was at the point of checking out from reality to head to an ashram and mediate for the next 10-years.
This began my inward journey and the search to find my own answers to the questions I had always seeked “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose here?” I deeply knew that living a fast-paced corporate life was never going to fill my soul. The inward journey has been a challenging one and it’s allowed me to travel to some incredible places and connect with amazing people. What I discovered in all my travels is; no matter where we are, or what we seek, the guru we are seeking is inside of ourselves and the answers lay within.

change of plans

That change of plan was Melissa, who is now my partner and her two crazy but beautiful boys are now a big part of my life and my purpose. Becoming a stepdad has been one of the most confronting, challenging but healing journeys of my life. The boys, although not biologically mine,  have been a direct reflection and mirror of my own 6 to 8 year old self which has taken me on a deep healing journey of my inner child.
Through the gift of my relationship with the boys, I realised if we don’t man-up to the shadows that lie deep within our subconscious programming and conditioning and heal our own Inner Child we will unconsciously project these onto our children.
The start of my relationship with Melissa and introduction to parenting has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, as life has thrown every challenge. We have supported each other through so many of life’s trials, from concussion to chicken pox, Melissa’s Dad Graeme’s open-heart surgery, her Mother Rhonda’s cancer journey and subsequent passing and recently my grandfather Holly’s passing.
That had not even included all of life’s everyday, parenting challenges. To top it off in the midst of this, the loss of my business which unravelled my purpose, in turn resulted in my own dark night of the soul… what has all this done? Through these experiences even though challenging, it has been a huge gift of growth and we have gained so much to insight. It tested us as individuals, as a couple and a new family.

becoming an empowered man

Individually we had to take responsibility for our own emotions and healing to come together, as aligned individuals to create a strong couple. To grow as a strong couple, we committed to growth, open communication, an acceptance to support each other through the dark and light, a safe space for each other to be completely seen and vulnerable. As a family we allowed everyone a voice.
Open communication through games, fun and experiences. To share with each other the dynamic emotions of each individual as we blended as a family. Through the relationship to myself, my partner and the boys, I hope my journey will inspire you, and our methods will support you and the tribe we create will embrace you through this journey to becoming a empowered man.

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